If your bicycle is an older model, has begun to rust and has not been in use for a long time, we undertake to renovate it as it was or to convert it to your new needs. The restoration  process often requires some time and your patience, so that the appropriate older model  spare part is found. Conversions are quicker, however we always pay attention to the compatibility and quality of the spare parts.

There are many types of restoration you can do. We always discuss with you your needs and then suggest the appropriate restoration / conversion for you. We can also undertake the painting of your frame with a wide range of colors. The cost of restorations / conversion sometimes can cost as much as a new economic cycle, but it’s quality comparison to a new one, will reward you. Though younger, we recognize the quality of the materials used then, ask the oldest, they know better!


You can see a sample of some restorations/makeovers below. Clicking on the photo you are being redirected to the article of each bicycle with the main pictures.